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 308 Rifle Scopes

The best scope for 308 is a comprehensive guide that covers all the details of the top rifle scopes that you can use with .308. As a .308 enthusiast, I would like to share with you the kind of products I use or I would also buy. Whether you are looking forward to spending time in target shooting practice or you are going on hunting adventure .308 is an outstanding cartridge that you can fire from several rifles.

This is the reason it’s very popular besides its low recoil and it is easy to reload. As  I have previously reviewed the best rifle scopes, in this post, I have outlined the top .308 scopes that are currently available in the market.

Interesting Facts about .308

Best Scope for a 308

I know it can be boring reading so much info about .308 cartridges but let me keep it plain, simple and sweet. In a quick summary here are some interesting facts about .308s:

  • 308 Winchester was invented in 1952 before it was adopted by NATO
  • Winchester Repeating Arms Company was the company that branded and introduced the .308 into commercial hunting.
  • .308 is the most popular cartridge for big game hunting all over the world
  • It’s commonly used in target shooting, military snipping, police sharpshooting and hunting among other uses.
  • In general, it is accurate within a range of 200 to 300 yards.
  • It’s the cartridge of choice for a wide range of hunting activities here in the US, Europe, and Africa. It is used in both medium sized game and large game. 308 has been used in hunting whitetail deer, black bear, pronghorn, eland, and duiker, to just mention a few.
  • It is suitable for use in a wide range of rifles including modern tactical shooting rifles as well as old hunting rifles.
  • Finally, it has a considerably longer barrel life, low gun-powder consumption and obviously, the low recoil makes it an awesome hunting cartridge.

Enough of the facts about .308 lets know focus on the rifle scopes that are ideal for use in a 308 rifle. and what you should look for when you are buying a rifle scope for a 308.

5 Top Best 308 Scope Reviews

The main dilemma of finding the best Scope for a 308 rifle lies in the fact that there are several .308 caliber rifles. This makes it hard to point out one specific rifle scope since the .308 rifles are so diverse.

Conversely, there are four of the most commonly used rifle scopes with these rifles. These scopes are regarded as the best choice for the broad range of the .308 rifles.

To help you make an informed choice, we have researched thoroughly on the best scope for 308.  You can trust our wealth of experience with rifle scopes and our judgment.

We have carefully examined the features of each of the best scopes for 308 including the possible adjustments, quality, durability, ability to use it in different rifles, and the warranty offered by the seller or manufacturer.

If you pick any of these best scopes for 308, you will save your time and spend more time hunting or in the range for target practice.

Top 3 Best Scopes for 308 Quick Comparison Table 

Best Scope for 308 Full Reviews

Best Rifle Scopes

Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Riflescope  BDC 800 Reticle, Black Color


Best Scope for 308 - Nikon M-308Nikon M-308 is the best of all the rifle scopes you can use with .308. It is a marvelously designed rifle scope that can help transform an average shooter to a marksman. It is my personal favorite and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good scope for tactical training.

What I like most about Nikon M-308 is the special calibration for the .308 which should give you the confidence you need when buying a scope online. In my several years shooting rifles, I have only come across few scopes that are calibrated for .308.

If that is what you are looking for in a rifle scope Nikon M-308 is the best choice for you. I have also been an avid reader of guns and shooting magazines and most of them have recommended Nikon M-308 for .308 rifles. Another feature that makes it stand out compared to other best rifle scopes for 308, is the high magnification at 4-16X. You will also like the high technical accuracy especially if you are shooting in a wide range. Finally, as with all good stuff, the price is high! Compared to the average scope the price is high but it delivers the best value for money!

Specifications for Nikon M-308 4-16x42mm Scope

Magnification: 4-16x
Objective Diameter: 42mm
Exit Pupil: 2.62-10.5mm
Field of View: 6.3-25.2ft @ 100 yds
Tube Diameter – Other: 1 in
Eye Relief: 3.7-4in
Objective Outside Diameter: 49.3mm
Eyepiece Outside Diameter: 44mm
Weight: 19 oz
Overall Length: 13.5 in
Adjustment Graduation – Other: 1/4 in
Parallax Setting – Other: 50 yds
Waterproof/Fogproof: Yes
Spot On Custom Turret: Yes
Matte Finish: Yes
Use: Centerfire Short/Mid-Range, AR (Modern Sporting Rifle), Varmint/Predator
Side Focus: Yes
Max Internal Adjustment: 40 MOA

Best Features of Nikon M-308 in Details

Magnification at 4-16×42 – with this magnification the Nikon M-308 is ideal for shooting at the range but if you increase the cartridge limit, it will not be very reliable in terms of accuracy. It’s a great buy for game hunting especially, where you need to have better accuracy at a relatively large distance.  Generally, it is accurate within a range of 300 -500 yards and in good hands, it can even do longer shots way up to 800 yards.

BDC 800 Reticle for Speed – if you are one of those shooters (like me) who wants speed that is offered by the holdover style reticle, Nikon M-308 has the new BDC 800 reticle that is specifically designed for use in the .308 cartridge rifles. This holdover is designed to correspond with the mark to a certain distance.

It is easy to adjust, you just place this holdover mark that matches the distance of your target and simply fire. BDC 800 reticle is also advanced in designed compared to the previous Nikon rifle scopes models of holdovers that were made of circles. This new BDC 800 reticle has circles, hash marks, and dots that are designed to help the shooter have more holdovers points beyond the 800 yards distance.

Nikon M-308 - Best Scope for 308M-308 Mount is Available – Nikon M-308 has a perfectly designed mount that is one piece base with rings that are solidly integrated into the base. This base is the 20MOA version which is ideal for long range shooting especially where you want to shoot long distances and don’t want to run out of elevation adjustment.

It can also be a tactical mount for a shooter who prefers to stay at the center of adjustment range. This M-308 mount is available on Amazon and you can check out the price now – M-308 Mount for Nikon M-308 ON Amazon.

Tactically Designed Turrets – Nikon M-308 is designed with turrets that are easy to adjust with the finger and you can quickly and easily reset to zero pulling up the simple turret knob then rotating the dial to zero. You can also use the side focus parallax adjustment know to correct the parallax especially if you are doing the tactical shooting.

Pros of Nikon M-308

  • The magnification at 4-16X is a big plus for anyone who wants to shoot accurately (of course everyone wants to be accurate). This is wide range makes it a perfect rifle scope for a .308 and its good for both hunting and range shooting practice.
  • The tactically designed turrets with 1/4MOA adjustments are a great addition to the magnification making speed long range shooting so much fun. Resetting is easy and fast since you can reset to zero in between shots. For a .308 scope, I would not ask for more!
  • For hunters, the turrets are designed to eliminate the need for refocusing as you take the shots. The in-built spring resistance system is perfect for quick repeat shots that yield high accuracy.
  • Comes with a convenient quick-focus eyepiece that helps you sight your target fast at any zoom level.
  • BDC 800 reticle gives you the speed and confidence that you need to take on the targets in long distances.
  • The lenses on either side are designed with full multi-coat which is scratch resistant and also reduces the glare which is good for the eye.
  • The scope is well sealed making it waterproof, fog-proof and can withstand shock since it is crafted from high-grade aluminum which is put into one piece for the high durability.
  • The nice finish gives the Nikon M-308 a great look and additionally, it has the M-308 mount which is fairly priced.Nikon M-308 - Best Scope for 308
  • A warranty is available from the manufacturer but you need to request the customer support if you buy from Amazon.
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Best Scope for 308 - Nikon M-308

Cons of Nikon M-308

As with every great product, there is the downside or things that are bad about it. I have tried hard to collect as much bad feedback as possible about Nikon M-308 scope but here is what I have found so far:

  • The price is prohibitive especially for new shooters who are not sure if it’s the scope they should buy.
  • The simple duplex reticle is not the best for long range shooting; it’s difficult to calculate the bullet drop for long range shots, all the same, .308 rifles are not effective for long range shooting. The bottom line, if you want to take on longer targets you got to look for something else.
  • I have a problem with the quick-focus eyepiece since it does not lock like the side focus knob (that’s my problem maybe for you it’s not a big deal!)

Generally, Nikon M-308 is the best scope for 308 and for me it leads the pack since it is well designed and has better magnification compared to Leupold VX-2 3-9×40 with duplex reticle and the other features are simply perfect!

I would like to recommend Nikon M-308 as my number #1 choice for a 308 scope. You can check out the price and more details of Nikon M-308 on Amazon. Check out the price of Nikon M-308 on Amazon.